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What is Spray Foam?

Spray foam is a two-part mixture is applied by trained professionals to the surface to be insulated. The spray mixture expands rapidly to fill all cracks and voids, completely and permanently adhering to wood, masonry, metal, concrete, and most other construction materials.  As a result, spray foam keeps the heat inside during the cold months and the hot air outside when it's warm.

What does Spray Foam Insulation do?

Keeps Outside air out and Inside Air In!

How long does Spray Foam last?

A lifetime.

Does the foam change physically over time?

No, it’s physical and insulation properties are constant.

What are the different types of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation ?

Open cell is usually found in densities ranging from 0.4 to 1.2 lbs/ft3. One of the advantages that these lower densities provide is a more economical yield, since foam density is directly related to yield (lower density = higher yield).  Gaco Western Gaco Green 052 open cell wall foam has an R Value of 4.21 per inch.

Closed cell polyurethane high density foam is the highest quality spray foam on the market.  In fact, closed cell foam is the only foam that truly creates an air and moisture barrier.  Gaco Western 183 closed cell foam has an R value of 6.8 per inch and has passed the AC-377 appendix X ignition barrier test.

How is Spray Polyurethane Foam applied?

Two-component, high pressure systems (typically 100-1200 psi) use 55-gallon drums and are more often used when insulating larger areas on new construction or major renovations on walls and roofs. These products are intended for professional use. These products require special training and the use of specialized personal protective equipment (PPE), including respirators.

South Texas Insulation is equipped with a spray rig (truck) which houses the SPF ingredients, air supply and other items is parked near the home or building to be sprayed. Hoses (up to about 300 ft. in length) are carried to the application area and installers wearing proper protective equipment spray the foam.

How long will it take for the job to be completed?

Average project (residential 2400 sq.) would take an average 2-4 days.

Can I get an estimate on how much it will cost?

Yes! Call 1-210-599-8681 or Contact US online!

South Texas Insulation, San Antonio, Texas is a certified representative of Gaco Western.


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